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Initiatives Inc. is dedicated to improving the health of individuals in the developing world. Our work is aimed at strengthening health systems, improving quality health care, and reinforcing NGO and community organizations. Through our technical assistance to governments, NGOs and intergovernmental organizations, we offer practical approaches to improving primary health care systems, scaling-up HIV/AIDS initiatives, building better reproductive health and family planning programs, initiating innovative safer motherhood programs, and strengthening child health initiatives. Our technical expertise also contributes to improving management, training and human resources systems across the globe.

Jordan's Successful Health Strengthening II Project Comes to a Close

Initiatives Inc. has been working in Jordan on USAID-funded projects (PHCI, HSS I and HSS II) for much of the past 15 years, sharing the country's commitment to health system strengthening and quality services. The project prepared 120 primary health centers for accreditation. The team’s hard work paid off and to date 76 centers have been accredited. Our innovative team used an Accreditation Collaborative approach by combining traditional accreditation within a collaborative learning structure that promotes shared learning, scale-up of best practices and a planned spread strategy. The model facilitates rapid spread of practices across multiple health center settings to support adherence to standards, and improve the safety and quality of services provided. Initiatives is proud of the success of our Jordan team and their unfailing commitment to quality.

The HSS II Chief of Party, Dr. Sabry Hamza, was recently awarded with the Abt Associates Innovation Award. This award recognizes the project’s innovative approach in implementing the ‘PHC/FP QI accreditation collaborative’ to prepare health centers to meet accreditation standards, and thus improve provision of health services. This award also acknowledges the excellence of the HSS II project and team not only in executing work but also in achieving results beyond expectations. Commenting on the work of the Initiatives team in leading the effort, Dr. Hamza said, “ [I]n recognition of the great work of Initiatives’ team and their outstanding contribution to HSS II in Jordan, it marks our great and fruitful partnership with your reputable organization. In this occasion and on behalf of HSS II in Jordan I'd like to thank you and your teams both in Boston and in Jordan for your commitment and excellent work for many years.”

Check back soon for a full list of the Jordan Health Systems Strengthening II project reports.

Initiatives Announces Partnership with John Snow Inc. in USAID's Mentor-Protégé Program

Initiatives Inc. is pleased to announce the undertaking of a two-year partnership with John Snow Inc. (JSI) in USAID’s Mentor Protégé Program. The program is designed to build the capacity of small businesses to serve as prime and subcontractors for USAID projects, while providing the mentoring organization an opportunity to build a stronger relationship with the small business as well as to refine and develop its capacity building expertise.

For Initiatives and JSI, who have been implementing partners on successful USAID and CDC projects in Africa and Latin America since 1996, the program is an important next step in continuing the long-standing relationship and giving Initiatives the opportunity to refine our growth strategy as a small business in the rapidly evolving public health development sector.

Throughout the program, which will consist of a multi-stage review and enhancement of policies and processes, Initiatives will continue to strive to provide the highest level of support to health services in the developing world.

Please continue to follow Initiatives’ journey with the Mentor Protégé Program here on our website and in our newsletters.

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