Initiatives Inc. is dedicated to improving the health of individuals in the developing world. Our work is aimed at strengthening health systems, improving quality health care, and reinforcing NGO and community organizations. Through our technical assistance to governments, NGOs and intergovernmental organizations, we offer practical approaches to improving primary health care systems, scaling-up HIV/AIDS initiatives, building better reproductive health and family planning programs, initiating innovative safer motherhood programs, and strengthening child health initiatives. Our technical expertise also contributes to improving management, training and human resources systems across the globe.

Spotlight on: Irene Biraro-Seguya, Human Resources Technical Advisor, USAID/SUSTAIN Project

The USAID/SUSTAIN Project which began in June 2010, works to improve HIV/AIDS service delivery in 19 government hospitals. The project assists the MOH with the integration of HIV and AIDS services into the general health services at the hospitals. In her role as the Human Resources (HR) Technical Advisor, Irene provides technical leadership for SUSTAIN’s HR interventions at the supported hospitals. Her work has included appraising the health workforce situation at SUSTAIN-supported facilities, enhancing human resource planning, assessing and implementing strategies to improve employee engagement and strengthening partnerships and coordinating with key stakeholders.

Ms. Biraro-Seguya also led the USAID/SUSTAIN projects’ Human Resource Performance Improvement (HRPI) activity. This sought to improve the hospitals’ HR management practices in utilizing quality improvement approaches to increase the uptake HIV of counseling and testing (HTC) services. This was done by strengthening staff role definition and providing clear task assignments, peer support and team-based feedback and information sharing on indicators, targets and progress.

The HRPI resulted in successes. Mubende and Fort Portal Regional Referral Hospitals (RRHs) improved their achievement of HCT targets from just over 50% to 100% or beyond in just five months. Overall, the HRPI demonstrated that integrating HR improvement strategies QI interventions can assist hospitals to reach performance targets. To read a summary report of the HRPI activities, click here and see Figure 4 below from the report.

Initiatives Announces Partnership with John Snow Inc. in USAID's Mentor-Protégé Program

Initiatives Inc. is pleased to announce the undertaking of a two-year partnership with John Snow Inc. (JSI) in USAID’s Mentor Protégé Program. The program is designed to build the capacity of small businesses to serve as prime and subcontractors for USAID projects, while providing the mentoring organization an opportunity to build a stronger relationship with the small business as well as to refine and develop its capacity building expertise.

For Initiatives and JSI, who have been implementing partners on successful USAID and CDC projects in Africa and Latin America since 1996, the program is an important next step in continuing the long-standing relationship and giving Initiatives the opportunity to refine our growth strategy as a small business in the rapidly evolving public health development sector.

Throughout the program, which will consist of a multi-stage review and enhancement of policies and processes, Initiatives will continue to strive to provide the highest level of support to health services in the developing world.

Please continue to follow Initiatives’ journey with the Mentor Protégé Program here on our website and in our newsletters.

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