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In the last 25 years, HIV/AIDS has emerged as one of the most critical health issues facing populations around the world. Even before the magnitude of the epidemic was fully realized, Initiatives was providing technical support for the development of workplace HIV/AIDS awareness and support programs. We also worked to create corporate-NGO partnerships for HIV/AIDS education and service delivery and conducted early assessments of the potential economic impact of the HIV/AIDS epidemic on the Indian subcontinent.

Initiatives provides technical leadership for quality assurance in NGO HIV/AIDS programs, for building the capacity of local government HIV/AIDS taskforces to guide and support public and NGO HIV/AIDS initiatives, and for expanding coordination among government agencies in the areas of HIV/AIDS advocacy, education, and service delivery. Initiatives’ human resources management experts have also conducted comprehensive analyses on the human resources implications of HIV/AIDS services scale-up in African countries. These assessments highlight the critical importance of addressing human resources requirements if HIV/AIDS service delivery is to be successful on the continent.

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