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Primary Health Care

High-quality primary health care is essential to any health system. Initiatives has contributed to the strengthening of primary health care systems through the development and implementation of institutionalized, self-directed, quality assurance systems. As part of our efforts to enhance the quality of care provided in primary health care settings, we have assisted in the development of comprehensive standards both for clinical care and management for primary health care.

Initiatives has also provided technical leadership for strengthening management and supervision in primary health care systems, including assistance to district health management teams in planning, managing and monitoring health service delivery, staff, and finances. To develop better linkages between public-sector primary health care and the private-sector institutions that are increasingly becoming critical to health service delivery in the developing world, Initiatives has assisted public and NGO institutions to strengthen partnerships, share health data, and reinforce each other’s services through the sharing of technical knowledge and through referral.  

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