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Reproductive Health / Family Planning

Initiatives is dedicated to expanding access to reproductive health services and family planning. As part of our family planning program support, Initiatives has developed tools, training materials and guidelines for integrating family planning and safe motherhood initiatives into NGO programs. We have also developed self-assessment tools for NGOs implementing community-based family planning programs, helped strengthen support to and the quality of service provided by community-based distributors, and assisted NGOs to galvanize community support for family planning and reproductive health programs.

As part of our technical assistance to governments, Initiatives assesses human resources needs for family planning programs, develops comprehensive training curricula for family planning, and develops human resources information systems for family planning providers. In Jordan, Initiatives’ leadership in quality assurance for primary health care included a focus on improving reproductive health services. We helped health center staff identify and address low demand for reproductive health services thereby increasing use of family planning, ante-natal care and post-natal care services. 

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