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Quality Assurance

Initiatives’ quality assurance work concentrates on building the capacity of government and NGO staff to understand, deliver and maintain high-quality health programs. We stress a comprehensive approach, based on the premise that quality is an integral part of all health service delivery and management. Our experience has demonstrated that routine, staff-led, data-driven monitoring improves staff motivation and capacity to develop and provide better services; facilitates coordination among stakeholders; enables the documentation of progress; and enhances client satisfaction and community involvement.

To assist internal monitoring, Initiatives created the Performance Improvement Review (PIR) package. PIR was originally designed to assist NGO and community-based programs to conduct self-directed program reviews, identify key problems, and develop corrective action plans. Since its development, it has been adapted and institutionalized in the Jordan primary health care system, demonstrating the flexibility and applicability of the methodology to a variety of health service delivery programs and settings.

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