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Research and Evaluation

Research and evaluation are important elements of Initiatives’ technical assistance portfolio. Our research and evaluation activities contribute to program improvement, to identifying best practices, and to practical recommendations for building sustainable and effective health programs. We assist agencies in the design of evaluations and other quality assurance tools that document program achievements, use appropriate data for comprehensive analysis, and use evaluation results in decision-making about future program activities. Our research activities include operations research on performance-based incentives for health workers, health systems analysis on human resources needs, baseline studies of health service delivery and key health indicators, and assessments of workforce requirements for family planning and HIV/AIDS service delivery.

In addition to developing and conducting evaluations and research programs, we work to build the capacity of staff in government and non-governmental agencies to develop effective evaluation and research protocols, implement evaluation and research programs, and take action on evaluation and research results and recommendations. Initiatives has conducted evaluations of USAID-funded programs in Bénin, the Dominican Republic, and Malawi, and of the USAID tuberculosis consultant trainer program.

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