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Training and Supervision

Initiatives provides technical support in design and implementation of training programs and supervisory systems including curriculum design and development; capacity building for training of trainers (TOT) and supervisors; and promotion of creative methods for participatory learning, on-the-job training, supportive supervision and electronic education. In this way, staff members of international PVO/NGOs, businesses, and government organizations are able to create and implement appropriate training and provide required follow-up support and supervision.

Initiatives has developed and conducted courses for managers and supervisors focusing on supervision skills, program monitoring and evaluation, and quality assurance. We have also developed and implemented Training of Trainer programs for reproductive health integration, applying and monitoring universal precautions and standards for primary health care and HIV/AIDS programs, and organizational development. Our guidelines for supportive, integrated supervision, have contributed to simpler yet more comprehensive supervisory systems and more effective supervision and support in community programs, health facilities, and district health management offices.

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