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Uganda Advocacy for Better Health

In Uganda, Initiatives is working with PATH to improve the quality, accessibility, and availability of health and social services by working toward three objectives: (1) increased citizen participation in planning and monitoring of health and social services; (2) strengthening the capacity of CSOs to conduct advocacy in target districts; and (3) strengthening the institutional capacity of CSOs. ABH in partnership with civil society organizations (CSOs) operating across multiple levels will catalyze advocacy action among community members and propel change in health and social service delivery in 35 districts in southern Uganda. Armed with tools, citizens will be able to more effectively advocate at the district level for accessible, high-quality health and social services.

Initiatives will lead objective 3: to enhance the overall organizational and management capacity of selected CSOs. This will occur through a progressive cycle of capacity assessment, capacity development support, benchmarking, and granting, strengthening the development of high-performing CSO partners that can lead advocacy efforts in Uganda and manage United States Government (USG) and other donor funds. Specific activities will include conducting combined advocacy and organizational capacity assessments, developing advocacy and grants management tools, creating an advocacy and grants management collaborative to share challenges and promising practices and creating an OD and advocacy fellowship program to engage selected members of CSOs in an apprentice and peer support program to strengthen their technical and management capacity.

Project: Uganda Advocacy for Better Health
Funder: USAID
Prime: PATH
Dates: 2014-2019
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