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Community Health Worker (CHW) Central

Through a task order under the Health Care Improvement (HCI) project, Initiatives is developing a website for technical resources and support to help ministries of health, community health worker (CHW) programs, and NGOs strengthen and develop their programs.

The interactive website, “CHW Central,” is designed to respond to the growing need for effective practices and new research on CHW programs. The site will foster a community of practice dedicated to community health worker programming, encouraging the exchange of ideas, best practices, and promising strategies that will help improve the effectiveness and efficiency of CHW programs around the world.

CHW Central will highlight the latest developments in CHW research, practice, and policy. The site will supply curricula, practical tools, and up-to-date guidelines to increase information sharing around community health worker programs. It will also provide registered users with opportunities to contribute to blogs, participate in virtual learning sessions and managed interactive discussions, and connect with experts in their fields.

For more information on collaborating or contributing material to CHW Central, please contact

Project: Community Health Worker (CHW) Central
Funder: USAID
Prime: University Research Co., LLC (URC)
Dates: 2010-2012
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