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Zambian Integrated Health Programme (ZIHP)

ZIHP was a USAID-funded project that aimed to improve the health status of Zambians through partnerships with government, NGOs, communities, and the private sector. Our resident staff members and short-term technical support provided technical services to two separate program components: ZIHP-Services (ZIHP-SERV) and ZIHP-Systems (ZIHP-SYS).

ZIHP-SERV: As a subcontractor to John Snow, Inc. for ZIHP-SERV, Initiatives provided leadership and technical expertise in government-NGO-community partnerships, NGO performance improvement and capacity building, pre-service and in-service training, sustainable programming at the community level, and systems support for integrated service delivery according to health sector reform mandates.

ZIHP-SYS: As subcontractor to Abt Associates for ZIHP-SYS, Initiatives assisted the Zambian Ministry of Health and Central Board of Health with policy analysis, development and strategy related to human resources. Initiatives was specifically responsible for strengthening of the annual planning system at the district level and assisting the district health management teams to develop capacities in planning, financial and health systems management.

Project: Zambian Integrated Health Programme (ZIHP)
Funder: USAID
Prime: Abt. Associates
Dates: 1998-2004
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