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Guyana Safer Injection Project (GSIP II)

The Guyana Safe Injection Project II (GSIP II) aims to create a comprehensive, sustainable, country-owned and managed infection prevention and injection safety program to safeguard health care workers, patients and communities.

GSIP’s central message is: “A safe injection does no harm to patients, providers or the community.” All of these stakeholders – patients, providers and the community – need to be involved to ensure that injections are used appropriately and needles and other sharps are disposed of safely. A 12-month project supported by USAID and being implemented by Initiatives Inc., GSIP is designed to ensure that previously achieved gains are secured and sustained by the Ministry of Health (MOH) of Guyana and partner agencies.

Between 2004 and 2010, Initiatives Inc. was contracted by USAID to implement the Guyana Safer Injection Project This original project worked with health officials at the national, regional, and (public and private) health facility levels to create a culture of safety and improve performance and quality of care by identifying and addressing the challenges to safe injections and sharps waste management.

In the current project, Initiatives will work more closely with various MOH units and other partners to ensure that injection safety-related activities are integrated into ongoing MOH and health care delivery activities. This year, GSIP’s activities are focused on ensuring that systems, skills and people are in place to transfer “ownership” of injection safety to national institutions.

Project: Guyana Safer Injection Project II (GSIP II)
Funder: USAID
Prime: Initiatives Inc.
Dates: 2011-2012
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