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Final Evaluation of USAID/Senegal Community Health Program (CHP)

For the United States Agency for International Development by Eliot T. Putnam, Jr., Cheikh Toure and Souleymane Barry, Initiatives Inc., 2011.

Initiativesí Lessons Learned / Final Evaluation Report on the USAID-funded Community Health Program (CHP) addressed the necessity of learning from the experience to date and informing program expansion. In particular the evaluation team focused on the quality and range of health services offered to communities, referral and follow-up systems, community awareness, socio-cultural barriers to accessing services, and sustainability.  


Management Performance Standards for the Health Sector

Developed for the Ethiopian Ministry of Health under the Essential Services for Health in Ethiopia Project II. Initiatives Inc., 2004.

Most health systems in Africa are experiencing a management crisis. Individuals available to fill management positions are often clinical personnel with no management training and no clear management guidelines to define their responsibilities and help direct their work. Initiatives Inc. developed the Management Performance Standards to set clear standards for health systems management and contribute to efforts to improve the performance of management and service delivery in the Ethiopian health system. The standards are designed to be used by managers at the regional, district (woreda) and health facility levels and should be adopted in combination with systems for integrated supportive supervision. 


Performance Improvement Review (PIR): Resources and Tools for NGOs & CBOs (Interactive CD)

Developed for the Zambia Integrated Health Programme (ZIHP) by Initiatives Inc., 2004.

The Performance Improvement Review is a self-directed process for improving the effectiveness, sustainability and quality of NGO programs. Guidance and tools for conducting PIRs have been packaged as a CD-ROM to make the materials more accessible to users. The tools address six different program areas: family planning; growth monitoring and promotion; HIV/AIDS (home-based care, VCT, and peer education); malaria; safe motherhood; and water and sanitation, and are designed for use by Program Managers, Donors, District Health Management Teams, and Trainers.


Integrated Technical Guidelines for Frontline Healthworkers (2nd ed.)

Produced for the Central Board of Health in Zambia, with support from the USAID-funded Zambia Integrated Health Programme, Component 3 (ZIHP-Systems). Initiatives Inc. and ZIHP, July 2002.

The Integrated Technical Guidelines (ITGs) outline key interventions for each of the technical areas of the Basic Health Care Package (BHCP), as well as the minimum standards of performance expected at community, health post, and health centre levels. These guidelines are intended to enhance frontline healthworkers' knowledge about the most important health problems in Zambia, and cost-effective interventions to tackle these problems. Use of these guidelines should improve the ability of frontline health workers to promote health and prevent illness, including proper case management and referrals, and thereby contribute to the attainment of the ultimate goal of "Better Health for all Zambians."

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Strengthening of Supportive Supervision in the SNNPR Health Sector (Ethiopia): Phase 1 Report and Trainers' Guide of the workshop held at the Furra Training Centre, Yirgalem.

Produced by Initiatives Inc. for ESHE/JSI Awasa Ethiopia, 2002.

This workshop report contains the background, guidance and tools from the Supportive Supervision Workshop conducted for supervisory staff in the SNNPR region of Ethiopia. The Facilitators' Guide provides guidance and tools for local trainers to organize, manage and lead workshop activities focused on improving supportive supervision. It includes a workshop schedule, objectives, session guide and detailed notes, overhead transparency formats, and interactive session outlines (such as role-plays).

Integrating Reproductive Health Into NGO Programs Volume 2: Safer Motherhood For Communities

Developed for the SEATS Project by Joyce V. Lyons, Jenny Huddart, and Donna Bjerregaard, Initiatives Inc., 1999.

This handbook assists established NGOs to help communities assess, organize, and implement 'safer motherhood' strategies. It provides guidance to organizations about accessing the resources of the formal health system, but primarily focuses on interventions appropriate at the community level.


Integrating Reproductive Health Into NGO Programs Volume 1: Family Planning Trainer's Guide

Developed for the SEATS Project by Joyce V. Lyons, Jenny Huddart and Donna Bjerregaard, Initiatives Inc., 1999.

A guide to organizing training of trainers (TOT) and Integration workshops. Part One focuses on how to organize Integration and TOT workshops, Part Two provides guidance on conducting the Integration workshop and Part Three comprises the TOT Workshop structure and implementation guidelines.

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